I Tried to Write a Gypsy Jazz Love Song

Ever since learning how to play “la pompe“, the signature rhythmic guitar style of gypsy jazz, I’ve wanted to write a song in that style. At the risk of sounding super nerdy, I was inspired by the chords of this snippet of music at the end of a QI (Quite Interesting – a British panel show) clip on YouTube – you might be able to hear a similar chord progression.

This was recorded using my Taylor Academy 10e, which I’ll write about soon, and also my old MIJ Squier Stratocaster¬†using VSTs from Simulanalog. I thought it was really cool that the entire project was done for academic reasons – to model guitar amplifiers and effects pedals as accurately as possible. There’s also a synth track that I originally used to keep time, but left in because I thought it sounded cool.

As for the lyrics, I probably should have abandon the rhyming scheme much earlier on, but didn’t.