Past Projects

100% Writing

  • What Kind of Scientist Are You? – An essay about my journey out of academia.
  • The Ship and the Shovel – 4 years ago, in a science journalism class, I read Italo Calvino and hated it so much that I wrote a piece full of flowery language on the need to write clearly.
  • How Great a Separation – Reviewing The Gap, a comparative psychology book, published in Science magazine
  • F.R.I.S.K.I.E.S – My teammates Jeremy Watssman, Anyi Sun and I won ProtoHack in April 2017 with this pitch. Basically, robot cat assassins.

30% Data, 70% Writing

80% Data, 20% Writing

  • Mediocre Museum – My friend Emilia and I wanted to find the most average artifact in Canada’s Science and Technology Museums.
  • 10 Graphs – A pointless exercise where I recreate the same plot using ten different libraries to see how they look.
  • Mousetracking Altruism – At NYU’s couple’s lab, we wanted to learn more about how people allocate resources within relationships.
  • Skytrax Ratings – I wanted to find out what factors when people chose to recommend airlines vs. not.
  • Hack for Heat – I volunteered with Heat Seek, an NYC based non-profit that deploys temperature sensors to ensure that everyone in the city has adequate heating over the winter.

100% Data

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